Our Mission

Provide innovative, effective & reliable Crop Storage Solutions while being Committed to the individual success of each of our Customers. Working hard to provide Consistency, inspire Confidence, and execute unmatched Customer Service in all aspects of daily interactions. We don’t forget where we came from, and are thankful for where we are.

Technical / Commercial FAQs

Committed Ag began as a local supplier of crop protection plastic products in Southern Alberta. We started in 2009 by working hard to service the very same people that helped shape our existence. Since 2019, Committed AG has been part of Novatex Group, a leading company in forage protection.

Yes! Novatex is the only manufacturer who developed its own technology. It means that its products come from a unique process: from extrusion to knitting.

Because Committed AG products are well known and appreciated in Canada and the USA.

Committed Ag sets the new standard for quality, performance and efficiency with our Committed line of crop protection products: your worry-free solution to well-made bales. Whether choosing our net wrap or twine or stretch film, you can be assured your investment is covered, guaranteed.

Committed is our mission of providing “Consistency, Confidence, Customer Service” at all times across Canada and USA. In more then 10 years, we learned that the agricultural community had been forged by strong lasting relationships for many generation and now feel proud and privileged to be a part of that very community.
We remain steadfast in our Commitment to each customer and to treat each one as if they were our only customer.

How much net wrap do you need?

Find out now with the new Novatex bale calculator.

Insert your round bale model and brand and get an instant calculation on the amount of net wrap you need for your work.

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A group of experts ready to find an appropriate solution for your business.

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